In Action

Indie, action-comedy feature

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Two bumbling writers land in trouble when their action genre script is mistaken for a real terrorist plot

Our Vision

In Action is an action-comedy with a big twist...there are only two actors, it was filmed in two locations, and produced on a purposefully mega-low budget. 

By focusing on the core elements of the genre and using its filmmaking techniques, we created something with the style and feel of a big-budget action film for a totally new and fun movie experience. There are fist fights, knife fights, foot chases, car chases, shootouts, explosions, one liners & eccentric villains...but with only two people involved.

While the plot resembles a conventional action movie, it’s presented in this unconventional way to show that solid storytelling, even on a shoe-string budget, can keep an audience as entertained and excited as a $200MM summer blockbuster.

ThinkPie LLC