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Top left to bottom right: Sean Kenealy, Eric Silvera, Lori Balaban, Eli Samuel, Alex Nordenson, Daniel Herrera, Kevin Prockup, Jared Balog, Miles Soboleski

Top left to bottom right: Sean Kenealy, Eric Silvera, Lori Balaban, Eli Samuel, Alex Nordenson, Daniel Herrera, Kevin Prockup, Jared Balog, Miles Soboleski

Sean Kenealy (Writer/Actor) - Sean is an actor and writer with an MFA in Creative Writing from The City College of New York. His plays have been staged in New York and Chicago at 13th Street Repertory, Gorilla Tango Theater, Brooklyn's Impact Festival, Frigid Festival, and with The 52nd Street Project. His fiction has been published with Scapegoat Journal and The Promethean. Favorite action movie: The Rock.

Eric Silvera (Writer/Actor) - Eric is a New York-based writer and comedian. His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Nerve, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Underground Voices, and HYPERtext Magazine, won Slice Magazine’s “Bridging the Gap” prize, and was shortlisted for Matrix Magazine’s 2010 Lit POP award. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from the City College of New York. Additionally, he performs stand-up throughout New York, has opened for Jeff Garlin, Dave Attell, and Judah Friedlander, and appeared in the Boston Comedy Festival’s New York extension several times. Favorite action movie: Die Hard. Favorite Seagal Flick: Out For Justice (but sometimes Marked For Death).

Lori Balaban (Director) - Lori has over a decade of entertainment industry experience. Some clients she’s written, produced, and directed for are NBC, AMC, CBS, National Geographic, Bain, Harley Davidson, Sundance, Disney and HGTV. She’s committed to storytelling, having written numerous screenplays and TV scripts. She’s currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing. Favorite action movie: Kill Bill. 

Eli Samuel (Producer/Writer) - An NYC native, Eli Samuel retains a Bachelor's and Master's in English Literature with a Neurobiology minor. Amidst filmmaking, Eli is pursuing the first doctorate degree in Science Fiction Studies in North America; he lectures English Literature at The City College of New York, while retaining the role of Chief Operations Manager at an online marketplace for investigative journalism and freelance writers. His scripts have won numerous awards, including Cannes, Slamdance, and a recurring featured Blcklist nominee. Eli's latest science fiction film, The Last Generation to Die, was favored for Sundance's Sloan Prize. Favorite action movie: True Lies. 

Alex Nordenson (Producer) - Alex probably should have stuck with writing (having studied English at Boston College), but he got into marketing and technology instead. In the New York advertising world, Alex has done creative production work for both web- and TV-centric branded video projects with media properties like The Onion, Nickelodeon, GQ, and Funny or Die. He currently works for a social media marketing tech company called SocialCode. Favorite action movie: Air Force One. 

Daniel Herrera (Sound) - Daniel works in sound recording and sound post-production. Additionally, he's produced multiple indie films in the New York City area. Favorite action movie: City of God (Way more than an action movie, but fantastic action sequences so we'll let it slide...)

Kevin Prockup (Composer) - Kevin is literally too busy for us to write us a bio because he’s wrapped up in a gig for Warner Brothers. But trust us, he’s really good, and you can check out his music at He was trained in the craft of John Williams but exists in a world of Hans Zimmer, so he’s ready to make music for whatever kind of movie we throw at him. Favorite action movie: The Matrix. 

Jared Balog (Special-Effects Make-up) - Jared is a director, producer, and special-effects make-up artist who has learned the craft of film-making by working on more than thirty movies. His notoriety as a skilled make-up artist landed him a featured artist spot at the 2013 Fantacon, Albany NY. Balog is currently the Special-Effects artist for the upcoming summer horror feature, The Last Frankenstein, which will showcase his Hollywoodesque creature creation skills and practical effects creativity. Balog also recently co-directed the short psychological thriller, Mara, now in post-production. Favorite action movie: No Retreat, No Surrender

Miles Soboleski (Camera) - Miles works as a freelance camera operator out of Brooklyn NY. Has worked on a variety of different projects that have included clients such as Brooklyn Nets, American Express, PGA, PUMA and Land Rover. He's a big fan of Steel Magnolias.

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